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Thread: Urban Terror problems

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    Angry Urban Terror problems


    I have recently installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my home box, and I experienced some problems with urban terror 4.0.
    After a few minutes the game switches from full-screen mode to windowed mode. After that it doesn't accept any keyboard or mouse input! Only I can do is Ctrl-Alt-Backspace ...
    The second problem is that the game is much smoother under gentoo, however I use older kernel and nvidia driver under gentoo than under ubuntu!

    I have tried these on an another machine, and I expreienced the same problems.

    Any idea? Have the same problem?

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    Re: Urban Terror problems

    Yup, me and at least one other guy (so probably more people too) have experienced the same problem.

    The fix is quite simple: disable Compiz before running the game. Apart from running a bit faster it's guranteed to stop this fullscreen to windowed-lock-up-the-system thing from happening. At least I've never had it happen after doing so.

    You can disable compiz by pressing Alt+F2 and typing in

    metacity --replace

    and re-enable it using

    compiz --replace

    afterwards. There are other ways to disable Compiz automatically, or you could just make some launchers on the panel which run these commands. Either way, that's your problem.
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    Re: Urban Terror problems

    Thank You, I will try it at home.
    And what about the smoothness? When I turn around in the game, it is like an old 10 FPS movie, however the average FPS is between 50 and 90.
    May be I should build a custom kernel ...

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    Re: Urban Terror problems

    try disabling your screensaver, or just set it to where it wont come on 2 hours.


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