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Thread: Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK and Java/Swing applications!

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    Re: Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK and Java/Swing applications!

    Quote Originally Posted by catanni View Post

    I've just installed the patch and everything seems to be ok except for the following problems:

    1) The app label position is too high, it is not aligned to the app menu

    2) After app label, there seems to bee a little white underscore.

    3) Gnome seems to be much slower with mac menu patch applied...?!

    I've attached a screenshoot to see what I'm saying....please help, is there any fix for this?

    Thank you!
    1.) Thats a problem with the Lucida Grande font, looks like all the ports for linux, that are around have a different base line for bolt and normal text. At least in the menu (havent seen that problem anywhere else). You can either disable the fake application menu or change the font, whichever one you like better. For the font, I would recommend Aquabase, because it is very similar to the Lucida Grande font, if you want your system to look like Mac OS X.

    2.) There is a spacer to separate the fake application menu from the rest of the menu, that might just be painted wrong (maybe because of the font). Try changing the font and see if its still there.

    3.) Its a hack, so certain performance issues are to be expected. However, I fail to see a real difference on my systems (which doesnt mean there are none )
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