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I have a strange problem though. I've mapped my lower thumb button to alt+left and thus use it as Back in browsers.
However, every now and then it goes nuts and goes back several pages, it just keeps repeating itself until I press esc (or alt..not sure which one actually stops it). Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
I'm having the same issue. Pressing the left ALT on the keyboard seems to stop it. I've also had problems with the scroll wheel adjusting the opacity of a window (running compiz). It seems the ALT key is "sticking" after using the thumb button occasionally. ALT+Scroll is supposed to adjust opacity. Again, pressing the ALT key releases it, and the mouse functions as expected. I'm guessing something is causing ALT to act like it is being held down. I get a few other odd mouse actions once in a while, and they all appear to be related to this.

Other than that, BTNX is great, and has been an excellent solution to a multi-button mouse!