Woe be it to those that try to install with a newer nvidia graphics card. This is not a configuration that should be attempted by a linux newbie--but wait, isn't that the idea of Ubuntu--a newbie friendly distribution?

Install onto laptop with the following card appears to work
 nVidia Corporation Quadro FX 570M
but the user is greeted by a blank screen on first reboot. This is because the installer configures X with the nv driver, which does not support this card. Not even a little.

For a newbie this is a disaster--you get a blank screen, not even a console with a log-in prompt. And the keyboard is locked--you can't even switch to a console, assuming you know there is one. Failsafe X my a**! QA anyone?

The fix is simple enough for an experienced user: reboot in rescue (single-user) mode, run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, and select the vesa driver. That will at least get you a gui and a working keyboard so that you can then enable the nvidia driver.

For a distro that wants to be a serious desktop contender, this sort of thing is a giant step backwards.