Hi all,

I'm wanting to run an Engineering app in XP. I've been experimenting with Vmware, with Ubuntu as host, with XP as a guest and the app running in XP. The PC runs in a factory, (for thos interested its a SCADA app), and I want to have a bit of security.

I like the idea of running Ubuntu as a general user, so as to restrict possible access and damage to the PC, if people find a way out of XP.

My thoughts were to start Ubuntu as general user, then startup the VM app. I've since found that as the installed apps were made under my admin account, they cannot be started from the VMware console. I've found that I can run start XP usinng a command line (see my recent post).

This is fine, ecept I've no way of seeing the XP guest. Running as a guest restricts my ability to start the VMconsole, and even see the VM I've strted.

I have found that I can rdesktop to XP.

It seems fine, but a little slow, I think because rdesktop is another app chewing up CPU.

Any thoughts or comments of achiving what I described in another way would be appreciated.