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Thread: Wallpaper and theme complaint megathread

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    Do you like the default Brown Theme ?


    I know there are some topics already concerning this issue, but there is none with a pool. I think we need to know - what is preferred - the default brownish colour scheme, or something else ?

    I particularly can handle with the brownish look, but I was amazed when I saw how much better it can look using another colour scheme. I think the default could be blue, sliver, black-ish, green .... but not brown ..

    When showing it to my friends, one of the most popular comments is - "eh, looks good, except for the Brown windows". And I'm not alone - I've seen lots of people make the same content on their blogs. Also, if you guys search on the internet, most of the people that are recommending others to use ubuntu also strongly recommend to get others themes...

    So I wanna know what you think about it - stick with the brown-orange shades, or move to something else ?

    Some folks say the the brown is the most "human" and "familiar" colour .... but I doubt that .. if it was true, I think brown would be the preferred colour to choose on cars, trains, etc. And I've never seen a brown car, or train, or tech-related product... (exepct for a dirty one) :-/

    Another option that I thought is not sticking with a default - let the user try and choose from the most popular themes at start time. This would be awesome imo.
    Please, note you can choose more than one option on the pool !!
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