I tried to upgrade a few days before the official release, around Oct 15. The upgrade failed midway because I had a conflicting version of some of the libraries manually installed over the existing Feisty versions. Using apt-get and dpkg, I forcefully removed those packages and the upgrade completed smoothly.

Issues after upgrade:

  • Compiz fusion wasn't turned on automatically (I needed to individually install xgl, I have a kernel requiring the proprietary fglrx driver)
  • Suspend/Hibernate is broken due to the incompatibility of fglrx with the latest kernel. This could've been explicitly stated in the upgrade. It's an important issue, IMHO
  • Using vpnc with nm-applet no longer saves the group password in keyring forcing me to enter that information each time. This wasn't the case with Feisty.
  • trackerd doesn't work for me. Among the key issues are (i) It doesn't index my music/photos despite specifying the paths (not in my home dir) and reindexing, deleting all tracker state & rebooting (iii) it's search quality is poorer compared to Beagle
  • Evolution 2.12 is badly broken w.r.t. message filters and junk mail scanning for Exchange folders. I couldn't even find this bug in the Gutsy release notes.
  • Firefox's forecastfox was messed up in its display and I had to change to a different weather extension (Weatherbug).
  • Ubuntu's firefox doesn't honor many of my tab extension specifications such as opening windows as tabs.

I have been with Ubuntu since the very first release and I think that this is the worst upgrade of them all. All I have is better eye candy (but what a great eye candy) with key functionality broken.

Despite the complaints, I thank you for all the hard work,