One week ago I upgraded from Feisty to Gutsy with no problem. But when Gutsy final was released, I downloaded the 64-bit version and did a clean install.
First thing I noticed was that the splash and progress bar were missing. I thought it was a LiveCD issue, so I proceeded with the install. However, I still can`t get it to work. As a workaround, I disabled the usplash and now have a blank screen until the login screen appears.

Another thing: I couldnt get Easyubuntu to work - it wouldnt let me import the medibuntu PGP keys, so I had to use the not recommended way: Automatix, which, btw worked perfectly, so now I have a really nice and fast Gutsy setup (with minor issues, which hopefully will be solved in the near future...).

But I am still wondering, why the developers felt the need to change the way the usplash works, since it used to work so good in Feisty. Why repair something that isn`t broken?

Anyways, nice work - Gutsy is great...