I've been using Ubuntu for a few months now but haven't got into the nuts and bolts of it yet.

I'm running Ubuntu on an dual CPU board with a couple of 600MHz Pentium and 1Gig of RAM and with a possibly similar vintage NVIDIA graphics card with an 80Gig Seagate HDD and an LG DVD Burner

My 7.04 install was working quite nicely and I'd even got it to play commercial DVDs quite OK (and was rather proud of myself for that).

Unfortunately 7.10 only recognizes CPU1 which is slowing things down a bit and, amongst other things DVDs now play jerkily and with two adjacent vertical blue bars on the right hand side of the picture with both blue bars having feathered edges on the right hand side.

Has anyone any ideas as to how I can get 7.10 to recognize CPU2 as I suspect this is the root (pun intended) of my problems?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!