New Installation to partitioned Hard Drive.
Live CD Install failed completely.
Currently running IBM ThinkPad T60 2GB RAM 60GB HD.

HD Partitioning
10GB Data
30GB Remaining (not formatted)

Partitioner fails to recognise the freespace, i.e., cannot select guided use available free space. Selected manual option, partition is listed as unknown, Selected partition deleted partition, partition now listed as freespace. Selected and created partition size 2057MB ext3 /. Selected OK. Partition listed as / 2057 with the remaining space as unknown, the only option available is to undo changes to partition or edit. Edit gives me nothing useful. Could progress but there is a warning that no swap is set, Go back try exercise again fails again.
We then go into an endless loop. This could be my issue, although I have used the Ubuntu installer on previous releases (manual option) with no issue, however the installation was to a completely blank drive.

Not sure where to go from here...I'll try a couple of things and post back, although it may take a little while...