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Thread: The Official Ubuntu Forums Halloween Costume Party

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    Re: The Official Ubuntu Forums Halloween Costume Party


    But I haven't a thing wear. Not only do I not know what all this stuff is called ... I surely don't know how to get it Alll Onn ! Don't call me shirley ...
    any tutorials around here on showin a guy how to put a few clothes on, you know on a picture/sketch it..images ..OnlineAndTotallyFree ...!!!...


    free linux books online ...donations gratefully received ... could you tell this was an edit? time stamp and all that would help. won't print above the last signoff.. would that be better or worse on a forum? and for who? beginner or expert, or ok,,where's the expert forum , where you have to pass a test first to post. But you can watch, totally free and online, all you want. You might learn somethin' ,,is that wanted, or not, a multi-class society ...
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