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    Michigan LoCo Team Information

    Welcome to the Michigan LoCo Team Forum!

    We don't really use this forum much anymore, so please do join one of the other communication channels mentioned below (IRC or Mailing List). Thanks!

    What is a LoCo Team?

    From the Ubuntu Wiki

    A LoCo Team is a Local Community of (in our case) Ubuntu users. A LoCo can involve a lot of things such as local promoting, support in the local language, general support to local users and much more. Most importantly however, it lets people find other Ubuntu users near them.
    If you live in Michigan, and enjoy Ubuntu, WE WANT YOU!

    Here are some of the team's resources:

    LoCo Directory

    Wiki page

    Michigan Team Mailing List
    to subscribe use this page:

    IRC Channel:
    #ubuntu-us-mi on

    Don't forget to join

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or email.
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    Michigan LoCo Team: Wiki Page / Forum / #ubuntu-us-mi on


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