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Thread: HOWTO: Latest NVIDIA drivers

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    Re: HOWTO: Latest NVIDIA drivers

    I think the problem is easy to solve

    Please jodef, open Synaptic or Kynaptic and make sure you have gcc-3.3 installed (not only the base package)*, if not install it. Then try the command (the one which failed before) again.

    *If you don't know how to install them, follow this steps:
    Press the Search button and put "gcc" in the search field. I this way you will see a list of all gcc(s) available. There will be 2 items named "gcc-3.3" (the 2nd one is "gcc-3.3-base" or something like this). select them with your mouse, then select "Mark for installaton" and press the "Apply" button. The packages will be installed.
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