Here is all that he "constructively" posted in my thread:
"This poll is flawed to the point of useless. The results will be skewed to a point where they are of no value"
instead of stating why my poll was "flawed" or contributing any argument or discussion of meaning he simply... is the technical definition trolled? My thread.

and then this:
"As a staff Administrator of this Forum I shall post in what ever thread I so desire to do so . .
We reserve this right under the forum Code of conduct , as we reserve the right to edit , move and close threads with or with out input.

As the poll attached to this thread is seriously flawed in its make up , as has been pointed out by other members , it will add no value to continue with it.

Please feel free to start another thread with a more carefully constructed poll"
I had addressed any "flaws" that were pointed out by any posters in my thread. If i had not addressed them already i was in the processing of addressing them. Simply because an admin does not like my thread and thinks because one person criticized my logic (even though he misunderstood the meaning of my poll) mean that he should be able to close it?

Request for reopen please.