A few wekks ago I installed using Wbui that I downloaded from their site. It worked no problem, even found my WiFi card. HOwever , I unisntalled it and decided yesterday that I wanted it again. This time I using this link http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...roup_id=198355. Upon install this time, it asked where I wanted to install and so forth. The insgtall went perfectly. It did find my WiFi cared when I inputted my WEP settings I was unable to connect to the net. I use a D-Link WI-624 wireless router and an Intel PROset Wirless 3945abg intemal in my Dell Inspiron E1505. Why would this new install give me such an issue with the net? I tired DCHP and manually setting the IP an so forth. No matter what the scenario, the WiFi LED was lit but could not connect. I dont want to go back to the older install because I like the fac that the new one allowed me to specify a partition already existing on my drive.

As a side question. I do have the install Cd that I received from Ubuntu. My hardrive, as I stated before, has a "D" partition of 11GB. If i use the regualr install CD, does the install process give me the optionj of choosing this dirve? If so, will it automatically create a dual boot with XP?