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    Apple Intel Users FAQ

    Welcome to the Apple Users Forum! This Faq is designed for Apple Intel Users.

    If you have a question, feel free to ask it in the forums - a fair number of forum users are very willing to help. Likewise, alot of answers can also be found here. To help avoid replicate threads it is requested to search the topic concerned before posting a new topic.

    Installation and Basic Setup

    The MacBook Ubuntu Wiki
    • Covers details of installing Ubuntu on a MacBook. First time users best start at the wiki.

    The iMac Ubuntu Wiki
    • Covers details of installing Ubuntu on a iMac. MacBook and iMac installtion are very similiar.

    Bluetooth Setup
    • If you use a short-distance wireless device this has some nice information.

    HOWTO: iSight
    • How to get your iSight camera running.

    HOWTO: Synaptics Touchpad
    • A Touchpad tutorial - the touchpad has alot of configurations.

    Advanced Posts

    HOWTO: Compile a Kernel for your MacBook
    • More advanced users can to compile their own kernel. This provides advantages over general kernels that can be a bit slower, and not as nicely tuned to your system.

    Benanzo's post on Howto Compile Madwifi Drivers
    • Compile the madwifi drivers from scratch.

    Howto Check and Repair HFS+ Drives/Partitions in Ubuntu
    • Darwin utilities provide a way to check and repair HFS+ drives from within Linux. Here's what needs to be done to build them.
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