Hello there,

I'm having an issue with installing UbuntuStudio. This issue also applies when I'm installing the regular Ubuntu, by the way.
I've looked around the forum and I found someone who had a similar issue (link), but I think he had that issue with a previous version of Wubi, as my Wubi installation doesn't have any .img files in the disks directory.
This person fixed his issue by making sure the disks were smaller than 4GB and he replaced the root.img file with a renamed home.img file so that is wasn't too small.

None if these symptoms apply to my installation though. All the files all present:
- home.virtual.disk (3GB)
- swap.virtual.disk (2GB)
- system.virtual.disk (3GB)

I made sure the disk sizes were smaller than 4GB, but alas, it still didn't work. I also defragmented the j:\wubi\ directory with JkDefrag. I have Wubi installed on the J drive because that's the only one with enough disk space on it.

The issue I'm getting is that early in the installation process, I get a red message saying it can't load installer components of the CD. Searching for the ISO seems to work, but it won't make the error message go away.
This error message seems to pop up during the formatting process of de system.virtual.disk drive.
So I pressed ALT+F4 to check the messages, I got these messages:

WARNING ** : Configuring 'load-cdrom' failed with error code 1
WARNING ** : Menu item 'load-cdrom' failed
Also, there's something else that I find weird. After I boot up 'Ubuntu' from the boot menu, after a while it gets stuck. There are several messages on the screen (console mode, before the setup starts).
It gets stuck after telling me that there are no RAID drives. I first thought I needed to wait, so I left my computer on during the night, but the next morning the screen was still the same, stuck at the "no RAID drives" message.
When I then press ENTER, it seems to initiate an alternate initiation method.
These are the messages I'm getting (including some 'good' messages):

initrd /wubi/boot/initrd
[Linux-initrd @ 0x1f862000....
Loading, please wait...
No RAID disks <------- It gets stuck here, it continues when I press ENTER

Alternate init...
umount: Couldn't umount /sys: No such file or directory
mount: Mounting sysfs on /sys failed: Device or resource busy
Starting system log daemon: syslogd, klogd. <------ Not sure about this one, the picture I took was very blurry here.
What can I do to fix this?

These are the specs of my system:
cpu: AMD 64 3200+ s939
motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI
ram: 2048MB DDR 400MHz
video: nVidia Geforce 7900GT
harddisk 1: 250GB
harddisk 2: 120GB <---- This one has Wubi on it
I hope that's all you need to know. Thanks in advance