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Thread: HOWTO: Install Mupen64

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    HOWTO: Install Mupen64

    2009 EDIT: I completely forgot about this thread. Sorry for all the un-answered replies, but I'm editing this thread to recommend Mupen64Plus instead of using this script since that is what I use now and it seems that Mupen64 has not been updated since 2005 and Mupen64Plus has been updated much more recently. (Seems like a lot of people already recommended this in the thread but putting it up here to be more noticeable). If for some reason you want the regular mupen64 instead of Plus this script should still work but I'm recommending plus now.

    I wrote a simple script that will install mupen64 for you if you don't know how.

    Tested on: Ubuntu Feisty

    This script is ment for it to just be done not really for learning or nothing so if you wanna know how I did it just open up the script so... here goes.

    1. Download my script. (the attachment below)
    2. Run the script. Open the terminal and do this command.
    sudo sh <The Script Location>
    3. Wait for the script to get done. And then run mupen64 Applications>Games>Mupen64

    To Uninstall

    1. Just run these 3 commands in the terminal:

    sudo rm -r /usr/local/games/mupen64-0.5
    sudo rm /usr/share/applications/mupen64.desktop
    sudo rm /usr/local/bin/mupen64
    So... thats about it. Hope it helps some people.

    Comments Welcome.
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