So far my automated CD burner is running fine. I haven't burned a large batch yet because the code was constantly being modified. I think it's ready now. Here are the CDs I have now:
  • Damn Small Linux (5)
  • Puppy Linux (5)
  • Ubuntu 386 Alternate (15)
  • Ubuntu amd64 Alternate (5)
  • Xubuntu 386 Alternate (5)

I ran out of CDs but I'll get more. I plan to do 5 for each PPC (ubu, xubu). Since these are strictly for the install-fest I didn't focus much on Live CDs. Most of us already have pending orders from ShipIt so it may not be necessary to make a large burn of Live CDs.

What do you guys think? Any of you want to add your listing of pressed Live CDs that you plan to bring to the install-fest?