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Thread: Fix: NWN and Intel Graphics Problems

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    Fix: NWN and Intel Graphics Problems

    WARNING: The following has the potential to break your install if done incorrectly. I would suggest reinstalling the drivers for feisty that would be affected first so that you have them in your archives. This way you have a way to fix a mistake if you are kicked to the command prompt later on.

    Steve0921 states that this fix for NWN will break Beryl.

    First, this is supposed to be a way in order for those of us using the Intel video card, to be able to play Neverwinter Nights without the bright screen, off colors, problems that we are having. This is an issue that only effects the Feisty releases. This problem was not caused by the Ubuntu developers, it was caused by a fix to the mesa drivers, by the people that maintain them.

    What I have found is that we need to regress the mesa drivers to the previous version in order to play NWN correctly.

    How do we get the drivers? From the Edgy repositories. Here are some links to the ones I downloaded.


    For each computer you could potentially have other mesa drivers also installed that I didn't. To check your drivers, type in the following into a terminal:
    dpkg -l | grep mesa
    P.S. the l is a lower case L

    Grab only the packages you need from above. If you need other packages as well goto and search for the packages that you need.

    Once you have the packages that you need, open up the terminal, and goto the directory that you downloaded the files to and type:
    dpkg -i *deb
    This is assuming that you have no other .debs in the directory that you don't want to have installed.

    If you get an error when you try to install the packages to the effect as unable to copy over this file because it belongs to mesa-common-dev, just type "dpkg -i *deb" again and this should fix your problem.

    Once this is done, you should be able to play Neverwinter Nights without the graphics problems that we have been experiancing

    P.S. you will have some files state they are upgradeable. If you upgrade the files, then you will lose the fix and will once again be unable to play NWN.
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