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    Re: Introduction Request

    Hello all,

    My name is Cesar
    29 years old
    Work as an auditor for an insurance company in Newark
    I am originally from the Bronx, NY
    Moved to South Plainfield New Jersey
    Married for almost 3 years now.
    To balance out all the time I spend riding a desk chair, I weight train and box.
    I would not call myself a movie buff, but I do enjoy all sorts of movies.
    I am more of a hardware guy then a software guy, but I am hoping to learn and change that.
    I actually bought a Zune and like it! GASP!
    I am going to have shoulder surgery next week and subsequently I am forced to stay home for a few days, I decided I wanted to use that time to install/learn ubuntu linux on my Dell Inspiron 1501.

    I am impressed with everything I have seen so far!
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