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Thread: Wrt: Closing of Israel: Illegitimate State?

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    Wrt: Closing of Israel: Illegitimate State?

    I saw the first thread in the resolution centre and saw the (MIPS?) in the post. I tried to respond to the ? but realised only the OP could participate.

    Instead of starting a new thread I emailed eXisor answering the ? and providing my feelings on the issue and told him he could quote me ad verbatim instead of me starting an entirely new thread on the issue.

    Seeing eXisor has not relayed my mail yet and others started to comment I though I might as well start another thread.

    I agree with the sentiments expressed thus far in the resolution centre regarding this particular thread.

    If some individuals could not abide by the rules then jail the their posts and issue a warning to the individuals.

    So far there has not really been anything in violation of forum rules imho. Yes, people might be a bit heated but no insults or anything serious has happened. Just a disagreement of opinion.

    Throwing around words like antisemitic when merely discussing Israel in a not so positive light is wrong. With that mindset everything that is not said in a positive nature towards Israel/Judaism/Zionism becomes antisemitic ?

    If a moderator decides to participate in a thread of this nature he/she should take off his/her moderator hat and simply participate as any other user and leave the moderation up to his/her fellow staff excusing himself from his duties for that thread. I will defend your every right to voice your opinion BUT then you must be impartial and not moderate something you are involved with. It's kinda like working as a negotiator trying to broker a peace deal between two faction when you are part of the one faction. It simply does not work like that.

    Unfortunately this is not a once of occurrence either and has happened before.

    As for changing the topic title coming back to the ? No, I as the OP was not consulted on the topic change.

    Why was the topic changed in the first place ? Leaves a lot of things to the imagination, which some already mentioned.

    As for the troll posts here by roger1455, ihatecommies & antiwindows798 or whomever they are it would be best to ignore those as they do not add any value to this issue.

    I have spoken my mind and hopefully this issue could be resolved in a amicable way.

    Thanking you for your time & patience.

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    Re: Wrt: Closing of Israel: Illegitimate State?

    I do not require a specific response to this thread, just the issue as a whole being addresses.

    Tried to do an edit but not possible

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    Re: Wrt: Closing of Israel: Illegitimate State?

    Quote Originally Posted by mips View Post
    I do not require a specific response to this thread, just the issue as a whole being addresses.

    Tried to do an edit but not possible
    Hi, mips.

    Thanks for being flexible on this. I think the poster in the other thread was just stating you were the OP in the Backyard thread and perhaps you should have been consulted before the title of your thread being changed. In any case, that question is moot as the original title has been restored.

    You can see a post I just made in the Backyard thread with my feeble attempt at resolving this issue. I know it's not perfect, but it's the best this poor admin could come up with. I know it won't please everyone, but I do think it is a fair resolution. I hope you think so as well. It was a difficult decision.
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