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    Exclamation Guidelines in Gaming & Leisure forum

    All the normal guidelines that apply on Ubuntuforums still apply in the Gaming & Leisure forum which can be found here - click me

    NOTE!!! Do not ask, promote, advitise, hint, link or suggest crack and piracy!!!! It's banning reason to do so!

    Wine and Windows related games on linux or related to wine in any kind, please post them in our wine forum.
    If not they will be deleted or closed.

    Guidelines for Responding

    Comments like 'STFU' or 'RTFM' or "Google it up" are NOT acceptable.

    Be as descriptive as possible. It helps to have error outputs posted. Describe the problem as exactly as possible.

    Try to keep Hardware stuff in Hardware. Glxgears and performance issues would be related to this, specially if your posting it in regards to a newely installed driver. This kind of organization will help us to get you the fastest possible result in a solution.

    General Guidelines for Threads

    Do not moderate each other -- Moderators are experienced professionals at handling these situations. Choice of wording and tone are crucial to effective moderation without leaving anyone hurt or discouraged. You can help with moderation by using the 'Report Post' button to alert moderators to the situation.

    Try to keep on the same topic -- It gets very confusing to follow a thread with many simultaneous discussions. If you have a question that's not related to what the original author's, start a new thread. Link to the old one for reference if necessary.

    Do not cross-post -- In other words, if you start a thread about a problem here, don't ask the same thing in another section to attempt to get a faster response. It doesn't work.

    Quote when appropriate -- If you're responding to a specific post, please quote it before replying (use the Quote button). Mis-directed comments often spark trouble.

    Prefixes in the Gaming & Leisure Forum

    Three new thread prefixes have been added.

    [New Game] - Should only be used when a new game is available for Linux threads.
    [Emulator] - For threads regarding emulators. This include games, setups, settings, hardware and getting the emulator installing and working.
    [Info] - This prefix is for general info. Like guides, hints, walkthrough, new versions of game releases etc.
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