I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I've been trying to get ventrilo working for a while. Well today I got it working with no hastle and since a quick search here for 'ventrilo' turned up only one topic I thought I'd post what I found

Note: The version of wine I used was from the backports repository, I haven't tried any other version so step 1 may be unnecessary.

1. Add the extra repositores from the Unnoffical Ubuntu Guide:
2. Install the following packages:
wine (version 0.0.20050419-1~5.04ubp1)
libwine (version 0.0.20050419-1~5.04ubp1)
libwine-alsa (version 0.0.20050419-1~5.04ubp1)
3. Download Ventrilo:
4. Make a directory for ventrilo and extract it:
mkdir ~/ventrilo
cd ~/ventrilo
cabextract /path/to/ventrilo-2.2.0-Windows-i386.exe
5. Edit the file:
And add the following line:
6. Next you need to get your hands on the windows file 'msgsm32.acm' from an existing windows partition (C:/WINDOWS/system32/msgsm32.acm) and copy it to '~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system/'.

7. Run vent:
cd ~/ventrilo
wine ./Ventrilo.exe
I hope it works, and I also hope I'm didn't state the obvious