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Thread: Pledge drive 2: asking for Linux help!!! (or am I just crazy?)

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    Pledge drive 2: asking for Linux help!!! (or am I just crazy?)

    I don't know about you, but I hate it how I had to research about the best WIFI Chipset and then search for brands that sell WIFI cards that made with the specific chipset, then go to my local computer store to find out it is not there!!! Sometimes a model with a higher number exists, and the salesman persuade you to buy it since it is the same thing but newer, just to find out it uses a completely different chipset!!!

    I am getting sick of this.

    Linux has gaining desktop share today and simply be treated as 3rd class citizen by some hardware Vendors and most computer stores. (Mac being 2nd, I've seen more Mac-compatible stickers.)

    I heard many people asking for Linux compatibility at computer stores and get a weird look and I have been asking too. And then some even go as far as asking for a Windows refund!!!

    So here's my crazy idea:
    We shall all have a 'linux day' kind of thing, where we all go to any computer-related stores and ask for linux compatible products. Having 5+ customers asking about linux all day would be far better than some random guy asking at random day then whoever salesman has probably forgotten about it at the end of the day!!!

    And I have made a pledge thing:

    I know it is crazy, asking for 10'000 people. But keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily cost anything, if 1'000 people are willing to donate $10 why can't 10'000 people donate some time and maybe a bit of thinking/arguing/acting?
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