I loaded Dansguardian to my Ubuntu 6.06, and now I can't see my LAN. It was working before I installed DG. My lan consists of my Ubuntu, one xp, and 2 98 boxes. The windows boxes can all see each other, I can ping the windows machines from Ubuntu, but I can't ping my Ubuntu from the windows machines. Also, I have a network printer that I CAN print to from my favorite computer, and the internet works just fine now that I'm protected from the scum of the universe.

I've tried a few things, like adding "server samba accept" to firehol, adding "allow" to Tinyproxy, but no lan so far. When I go to Places>Network Servers I see the Windows Network icon, but when I click on it, I come up with a blank screen (and F5 update doesn't help).

I'm surprised that there aren't any threads that directly address this problem. I guess It's not as widespread a problem as I had hoped. I've posted this in the CE forum because I thought there might be more experience with DG installs here. Any suggestions, links, etc would be greatly appreciated.