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Thread: Howto, Gaming: MAME and xmame (Post your working games !)

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    1/ Have a Linux box

    2/ If you have the arcade machine yourself & dumped its ROM for your own usage
    (please dont download roms = illegal)

    sudo apt-get install xmame-sdl
    sudo apt-get install xmame-tools
    cd  ;  mkdir -p  mame/roms
    5/ from the console
    cd ; xmame -fullscreen mame/roms/
    for mortal kombat for instance

    if you wanna joystick:
    cd ; xmame mame/roms/ -fullscreen -ef 1 -jt 5 -jdev /dev/input/js0
    6/ Quick keyboard configuration:
    type keyboard ok ok .... space
    now, it s running in fullscreen
    now, press TAB
    then, in input general > other controls
    insert coins: type enter and you might hit : Keypad 5
    player 1 start: type enter and you might hit : Keypad 1
    ESC to exit the menu TAB of configuration

    7/ the game is now running in fullscreen, and waiting for coins & start key .... lala certainly demo running ...

    8/ the keys for playing in mame are now:
    KEYPAD 5 to insert coins
    KEYPAD 1 to play
    Left CTRL to Fire !!
    arrows of keyboard to move ...

    9/ It works ==> OK
    so, now, please POST the :
    a / file name of your zip file
    b / game name
    c / and if you really like it a cool screenshot
    additionally, if you followed this howto & it worked for you, please let this thread know (information for "statistics")

    10/ Enjoy Sharing !!

    11/ you can too make a video of your desktop of it :
    sudo apt-get install xvidcap
    $ xvidcap
    configuration for speed of xvidcap

    12/ apt-get install kxmame
    if you wanna a gui
    but it is not working for all zip files !!!!! attention
    console way is more working !

    Screens of the arcade machines : (what is mame too)
    mame faq :

    nice howto :
    (xmame-tools has the chdman/make verify program, other plugins that can be useful)
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