How to get an apple like dock with out hassle

This is starting with the default ubuntu desktop, but it can be done even if you have customized it. This how to also does not require and extra programs to be installed, or any 3-d acceleration.

  1. Delete the quit button in right hand side of the top panel, and delete the menu bar on the left hand side of the same bar.
  2. On the left hand side of the top bar, open the add to panel window; add the main menu and window list. Lock both to panel.
  3. On far right hand of the top panel (where the quit button was) add the window selector, lock to panel
  4. Now for the bottom panel, delete everything except for the trash can.
  5. Add a separator to the left of the trash can, lock both the separator and trash can to the panel.
  6. Right click on the panel and go to properties.
  7. Change the size to 45-50 pixels (mine is at 48), uncheck the expand option, check the show hide buttons, and uncheck arrows on hide buttons
  8. Go to the background tab, select the solid color option, and change the color to white (#FFFFFF).
  9. Set the opacity to about 25%
  10. Drag your favorite applications from the main menu down to your new dock.

There you go, an instant, stable, hassle free dock. Sure it does not have all of the glitz as say kiba dock, or kxdocker; but it does have more functionality (such as you can drag a file to one of the programs in the dock, and the file will open in that application), and it is easier to add/remove programs to it.