I told a friend of mine about this the Kenyan Forums on Ubuntu Forums..

He's curious about how many guys on this forum are in Kenya...

BTW There's a mailing list - kenyalinux@yahoogroups.com that has been around for about maybe 5 years or more..

Ronald - how many installations have u done ? Just very curious - i've been recommending guys use Ubuntu for Desktop Setups and even servers.. now that M$ are clamping down on organisations that don't have licensed software - another friend working at a small bank told me that they got visited (yes in Nairobi) by M$ guys who found that they had > 80% unlicensed M$ software

A bank I know of may also be moving to linux desktops in the near future - they calculated the cost of licensing MS Office for 400 users - 40 000 KES (about ~USD 590) comes to quite a bit of cash for (just) MS Office