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I have been told that there have been studies done that prove that in general men have better spacial skills, I think this is one of the things that gets men more interested in technology, lego (since people tend to be intrested in what they are best at and I think the whole building things skill leads to computer science), etc than woman.

That being said I think that there are a lot more woman interested in tech than there are in the tech industry, and this could be due to the fact that we alienate them, and there is room for improvment.

I just see it as something that will hapen over time and not something we can really change in a day. I feel as long as we dont discurage woman from linux they will come in time.

But I could be wrong and its only what I think
The studies saying guys are left-brained and girls are right-brained have been refuted. It seems more common as adults, but its because those halves get more exercise dependent upon gender due to the types of mental stimulation they are brought up with. Boys are taught to play with erector sets. Girls are taught to play house. Which gender gets the logic/math/science exercise from an early age?