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What is better for me to use here:
make-kpkg -initrd --revision=386 kernel_image kernel_headers modules_image

386, 686 or k7?
I have amd 3800+ X2 and Edgy 64bit

This is my second attemp to compile the 2.6.19 kernel and the first time I put k7. In entry of grub don't have 2.6.19.k7 (or 2.6.19-k7, I don't know how it should be), but I have only 2.6.19
Have to be only this?
Well I have an AMD Athlon64 3000. I used 686 which is better than 386 (not sure where K7 comes into it). However I'm only using 32bit mode- not sure if you need to do something else to use 64bit