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Thread: Need help for Ktechlab

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    Need help for Ktechlab

    I've been looking on the web for several hours on how to insert a PIC into a circuit in KTechlab.. It should be very simple, but i just cant figure out how to do it. There are no pics in the components list! Please tell me how to add a PIC to my circuit, and please tell me in details..

    and another question: Is it possible to use other PICs than those specified in the program? I would like to be able to program a 16F88 using ktechlab, but it is not included by default.

    Is there an IRC channel for ktechlab?
    otherwise we should create one at freenode...

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    Re: Need help for Ktechlab

    Try #ubuntu-science It doens't make sense to have a chan for each app. I can't solve your problem btw.


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