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Thread: Cannot type "Frequency" in GNU/TexMacs!

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    Question Cannot type "Frequency" in GNU/TexMacs!

    I have a weird problem in TexMacs...

    I create a new document, insert a title field, type "Frequenc" and TexMacs crashes! This happens EVERY time. I also tried typing something else, like "Report - Frequenc" but it always crashes when I hit the C. Doesn't happen for any other text except the word frequency, and also doesn't happen if I type it anywhere else - happens just in the title field.

    Anyone know how to fix this?
    Can anyone reproduce this problem?
    TexMacs bugs list is like 3-4 years out of date and I can't find any link to create a bug report..

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    Re: Cannot type "Frequency" in GNU/TexMacs!

    The forum is not a good place to file bugs. is probably a better place.
    William Grant
    Ubuntu Developer


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