Hello All:

I need some help installing library geoR in Ubuntu Dapper. In Dapper, R is version 2.2. when I do

install.packages("geoR", dependencies=T)
it downloads a bunch of packages, and installs them, but complains about not finding package "sp". When I try to load the geoR library, it won't do it because it lacks dependency 'sp'. So I do:

install.packages("sp", dependencies=T)
package not found. If I download the 'sp' package from CRAN, it won't install because it wants R version 2.4. So here are my questions:

1. Does anybody know where I can get an old version of the package "sp" so I can install it manually?


2. Does anybody know how I can upgrade to R 2.4 using deb's? where are those deb's? and won't I break something regarding packages already installed?



P.S. Does anybody know of a good tutorial on Kriging for R or geoR. I'm redoing all my analysis for my PhD thesis on R (did them originally on Surfer).