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Thread: New music player - Exaile!

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    Re: New music player - Exaile!

    Thanks for this great application: I love it. I love the dynamic playlist feature, it's great

    Somehow I have a problem with album art: I have my covers as nameofthealbum-front.jpg in the album folder, so in the preferences for album art I put *front.jpg but it doesn't find anything. Is this normal? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    I just have some feature suggestions:

    - Replaygain support
    - Read APE tags from mpc files
    - Advanced tagging like in quodlibet (ex-falso)
    - Multiple artist handling (album_artist field)
    - Album mode like quodlibet (with cover at the left)
    - Dynamic playlist: Include the possibility to include songs outside of my collection (using suggestions) I'm thinking sort of including last-exit player features into exaile.
    - Possibility of saving searches as smart playlists.

    If some of this is already possible, I'll appretiate if someone could point me in the right direction.

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