since "aysiu" doesn't accept private messages, which is a hell of a note seeing as he's handing them out, i have to post this here. sorry, but get over it dude. i'll write however i'd like. if you don't like it, don't read it okay?

anyway, according to "Brunellus", see below, "there is no official forum policy on |337 5p33|<". So take the mod point off as you seem to be raking me over the coals for no reason at all.

i had a legitimate question. some support forum this is.

Quote Originally Posted by Brunellus
This is a friendly reminder.

We on the Ubuntuforums take a very dim view of "STFU n00b" posts. That goes for forum user avatars, as well. Please find a less offensive one.

Also. While there is no official forum policy on |337 5p33|< as yet, consider this a bit of friendly advice: please don't post in 1337. It's unnecessary, hard to read, and it doesn't make you seem any more clever. The working language of the ubuntuforums is English. Questions asked in English are likely to get good technical answers or advice.

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Dear l33tbuntuhax0r,

You have received an infraction at Ubuntu Forums.

Reason: Inappropriate Language
You're supposed to write in English

This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

All the best,
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