Hello again, guys!

I decided that I wanted to give Orca a try to see how it works. I also wanted to test out the magnifier--which brought one question to my mind: Does Orca use gnome-mag or is there another magnifier in use with the program?

I tried to install Orca using:

sudo apt-get install gnome-orca
and upon running the orca --setup command I receive the following message:

Could not initialize connection to braille.
Shutting down and exiting due to signal = 2
The second line (Shutting down...) was displayed upon hitting CTRL+C to cancel the command.

I thought that this could be something dealing with running Orca on Xubuntu, but I tested it in GNOME to make sure--the same results occurred.

Anyone have any clue as to how to resolve this issue? The version which II installed was the current version available in the repository. Maybe v1.0 would solve this?

Thanks for any help. If this cannot be resolved, I am not too concerned as I am doing fine with gnome-mag, but it would be neat to try it out.

Thanks again and take care.