I'm trying to find a replacement for Statistica or SPSS on Linux, and after several hours of scouring the net for such a program, I've found nothing.

What I'm looking for something that has a GUI, spreadsheet capabilities, decent graphing, and a signficant amount of statistical analyses available with a few mouse clicks (namely repeated and multiple measures ANOVA). As I said, I'm basically looking for SPSS or Statistica

I've toyed around with R and R Commander, but that's still too rough of a GUI for me. It could be that I just didn't understand it sufficiently, but it seemed that I would have to do a lot of coding to accomplish what SPSS can do in three button clicks. Granted, if I were trying to do very complicated and/or unique analyses, I might like R's robustness. But that's not what I'm doing.

Is anyone else in the same position as me? What did you do? Is it possible to use a particular combination of packages with R, or some other program, to achieve this effect?