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If you'd like, I can send you a screenshot of what my setup looks like with and without the magnifier running...just let me know where to post it and if it would be of any help.
Yes please do. You can email it to henrik AT ubuntu.com. I have to warn you though: I might post it on my blog

I'll see what I can find out about Xubuntu, but at the moment the panels (neither top nor bottom) can be moved by dragging them. I found a small workaround by putting handles on the panels through the Xfce Menu->Settings->Settings Manager->Panel applet, but the top panel will not stay (permanently) where I place it. I'll edit the panels.xml file and see if that helps.
Hm sounds odd. Perhaps you can report it in Malone, or point it out in #xubuntu. They eere claiming that it should stay in place. Perhaps the magnifier is causing it to jump back.