I read the post in alt.comp.blind users and clicked on the link to get the ISO for Ubuntu. This was the Edgy Eft release in development. The ISO for AMD64 processors was 708Mb and the one for desktop systems was 702Mb. These won't fit on 700Mb CD's. I have so far only found large CD's in a pack of 10 at Maplins and they will only sell me the pack not one disk for £11! I have been advised by the shop I bought my computer from that the drive I am using may not be able to detect the large CD. Would it be possible to generate DVD ISO's? I have tried to burn the Edgy Eft ISO to DVD but to no avail. I am loath to over burn as this can cause damage (well Nero in Windows gives dire warnings about it). Large CD's may have the smae problem?

The advice on burning CD's was general and was stuff I knew already. There was no warning in the original post in alt.comp.blind-users that the images would be larger that 700Mb.

I think that what you are doing is vital. These reched live CD's without magnifiers/screen readers are dreadful. At work we have an internet cafe for people to use web mail since it is blocked normally. The machines all use eLearnix. This uses the Gnomme Desktop and there is an Accessiblity pannel. But when you activate the magnifier it says it is not intalled! Thank god they don't use this at my local library. Live CD's are dreadful because if you wanted to install the magnifier you couldn't because the OS is on a CD!

ALL live CD's should have Accessibility installed, indead it is a requirement in the US if the computer is being used by the government under Section 508 of the rehabilitation Act. We also have the DDA in the UK but it has less teeth.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Declan Moriarty.