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Thread: Cannot get zoom to work

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    Cannot get zoom to work

    Hi. Zoom is installed. it starts when I click start, and presents the interface.
    I get an invite.
    I click on the link
    I get a page with a big blue join button
    Press button
    New page:
    Click Open link on the dialog shown by your browser
    If you don’t see a dialog, click Launch Meeting below

    There is no dialog shown. - I have tried in both firefox and chrome - I have tried disabling all plugins but no change.

    Click blue launch meeting button


    click on zoom to open

    interface appears

    click on join

    Blank field with 'enter meeting id' etc and nothing in pull down

    I can join with the browser, but then I always seem to have other problems.

    Using Ubuntu MATE 20.04

    I wondered if snap was the problem so uninstalled and purged and installed from deb. No change.

    When I click on Launch Meeting it looks as if the dialog comes up momentarily, but is then replaced by the oblong zoom interface with the four buttons - New Meeting etc
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    Re: Cannot get zoom to work

    Just remove the snap and grab the .deb from Zoom's download page.

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    Re: Cannot get zoom to work

    Hi. Thanks. I have already done that. Should have said. The problem persists.

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    Re: Cannot get zoom to work

    @triplemaya, you've tagged this thread Ubuntu Mate, but in your first post you state:

    Quote Originally Posted by triplemaya View Post
    Using Ubuntu mint 20.04
    I suspect that was a slip of the pen, so to speak, since in earlier threads you are running Ubuntu Mate. Could you confirm that, please? Thanks.
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    Re: Cannot get zoom to work

    Thanks. Yes. MATE it is. Post is corrected.


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