Maybe i wasn't really clear also
In the last update, i put out unmount_ntfs-3g scipt because, since the hal bug was resolve, it was possible to just right-click>eject (handle by gvm/hal) as normaly. The thing is for an unknow reason, unmounting of ntfs-3g don't work well with eject (at least for my usb key) when transfering large file. Normaly, the majority of the file are transfered during the unmount (it's why it take so much time), but this transfer is stop before the end with the eject button, and i don't know the reason.
Since i don't have enough time to look at that, i'll just readd the unmount_ntfs-3g script. I'm working on it right know.

This may be due only to the specificity of my device, but the safest solution is always the better.