Hello, everyone.

This may be a stupid question, and if so I sincerely apologize as I am quite ignorant when concerning Ubuntu Desktops (GNOME, KDE, Xfce) and accessibility.

My college is going to be participating in a community project in which we will be installing Xubuntu on donated computer systems (which are typically older PCs) and then freely redistributing these systems to students and other individuals who are in need of computer systems.

My Linux class (including myself) will be the support base for those in the community who receive these systems.

I am quite unfamiliar with Xubuntu/Xfce, so I plan on installing the Xubuntu Desktop on my current Ubuntu Dapper (GNOME) installation so that I can get a feel for Xfce without losing my original installation. My question is this: Will Gnopernicus (especially the gnome-mag component) work with the Xubuntu distribution?

As I said, this may be a stupid question, but as far as the variety of Linux desktops comes into play, I am very ignorant I just want to figure this out so that I can hopefully be a strong support person and so that I may be able to help those who receive the donated systems.

Thanks for any input; it is greatly appreciated.