The problems is this post, and this is an effort to avoid more of the same.
I have been writing a howto/scripts for installing 32bit firefox and plugins into amd64. In an effort to improve the howto/scripts I had been testing Swiftfox. Swiftfox is a fork of firefox and as so coverd under the mpl/gpl/lgpl tri license.
I went to the Swiftfox site to ask if there were any stipulations like credit or other files that needed to be distributed with the .deb file I was planing on making. At which point the person working on Swiftfox tried to block me from doing it. To me it looked like he was more interested in his traffic and google income. Knowing that I'm allowed to under the licenses its distributed under I posted back saying I could.
I thought the discussion would stay on that forum. I made the .deb file and install script. posted it to my howto. The person working on swiftfox has an account here named Stirling. Stirling posted here amd here saying my files were not "official" At wich point I posted this reply to both. The problem was then made worse by this problem post.
The problem is that my howto wasn't meant to be a discussion on distribution. This to me is Thread Drifting/Steering. I never wanted this argument, especially in my howto. I hope it ends, but I have a feeling it wont. Rather Stirling could have posting here in the resolution section, he has chosen to post in help threads and imply I'm doing something underhanded or a security risk.