Though I sent this to you in a PM, I thought I would also put it here. Just in case.

You just don't seem to understand KiwiNZ. You are choosing to filter this like some of the younger-minded people here. That is not an insult, it is an observation. You may want to re-read what you have condemed when you are less emotional and can filter it objectively.

The thread is not a personnel issue. It is a thread about forum decorum, civil responsibility and personel communication. It uses the post's of 2 of it's members to carry that discussion forward. You took advange of some small, slightly heated exchanges to impose your will.

Look, that can happen to anyone. I've done that many times in my life. I have learned however, there is nothing about anything I have done that I myself cannot change as long as I am willing and able as a man to put aside my pride and obstinance.