I haven't switched to Linux yet. But I will switch.
There is a mass of information to trawl through before choosing a distro and I only know the little i've picked up in the process.
I primarily want to use my computer for Audio work, and the best option I;ve heard of so far is the DeMudi distro put out by the AGNULA Project This is Debian and has a tuned kernel and applications which optimise the computer for audio work. However I'm no computer expert, I'm switching from windows and i'd like the interface and the desktop functionality of Ubuntu or Mandrake Linux.

Is there some simple way to combine Ubuntu with the DeMudi distro?

I haven't played with Linux yet but from what i gather Debian can be quite a learning curve.

If DeMudi and Ubuntu could be combined it may be a boon for Musicians and other creatives who wish to switch to linux and increase the Ubuntu user community

Any advice/feedback is appreciated