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It was decided that we need to draw the line somewhere. If a member has issues with another member other than what I stated earlier , then they are to sort that out in private.
Then I respectfully submit to you; you are drawing the line in the wrong place. You (administrators) are preventing important public diaglogue from occurring at the expense of the very community you created. These forums has been rewarded with a tremendous amount of visibility and potential through the hard work of alot of peoples resources, intellectual and otherwise. If you however, continue to choose to stifle peoples need for open and honest conversation, I believe you will in the end be left with a body without a soul. That would be tragic, especially since you are suppressing the very root nature of what you represent, freedom. I alway's advise my children in these types of situations, "if you are going to err, alway's err on the side of freedom". I give you the same advice now. Learn to trust members whom have shown you in the past they are capable and worthy of it. People who are honorable and honest will better this community and will reward it with pride in who and what they represent. Is that alway's easy? Not on your life. Well intentioned people of integrity will alway's prevail in the face of difficulty though. Their are many well intentioned ethical people of integrity as just members here, as I am sure all who serve in any official capavity strive to be and are.

I again appeal to you to somehow figure out a way to let this happen. I give you my word, I will do everything within my ability to assure a fair and respectfull exchange on my part, and I am sure Raven would do the same as he is a person of integrity too..