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Well, we cannot fix it if they dont. Threads like this daily are not going to fix anything. I suggest if someone has a vaild proposal post it in the res center with the tag [proposal] and we will look at it and discuss with the CC when we finish working out the proposal we currently have going for the goverance of this forum.

Any proposal **NEEDS** to be detailed. A one liner will not cut it.
This is not a one-liner, and it's the third time I'm posting it:
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I would propose that there be a standard procedure for threads that get out of hand, and that if special circumstances call for a deviation from the standard procedure, then the moderators discuss what would be the best course of action.

If a thread gets out of hand...

1. Send private messages to the offending parties asking them to cool it.
2. If the messages aren't heeded, cut the offending posts out of the thread and move those posts to the Jail or the Backyard
3. If the thread isn't as volatile but still seems too heated for the Cafe, move the entire thread to the Backyard
4. If the thread is redundant, merge it with the other similar thread
5. If the bulk of the thread (not just two forum members arguing back and forth and flaming one another--but several forum members generally kicking up ill will) is counterproductive, put in a public warning to have people cool it. Afterwards, close the thread if the warning isn't heeded.

Note, in my proposal, it takes a very extreme situation to close a thread. No one has to adopt this, but it is a proposal, and I'm putting it out there.
A "standard procedure" doesn't mean in all instances it would be followed to the letter, but it does mean that in most situations all moderators would handle threads in the same manner. Any deviation from said procedure would have to be discussed among the moderators themselves.

This is what I propose. Make of it what you will.