...and when you tell someone the truth, you show respect.

Yes, I know this is a privately owned forum.

It does, however, live in the ubuntu namespace...

I've not been here long but I have found much of value and hope I may contribute a little in turn (as I have to the wider Linux comunity since 1998 ), however I am disturbed by how often I find interesting (and not entirely circular) discussions just in time to find the "Thread Closed".

This does not taste of freedom, or humanity. ...even a little.

Many of your most valuable contributors are remarking on overzealous moderation, even in the ""unmoderated"" area; listen to them if not me.

"Chill guys, please" is moderation.

"Shut Up, NOW!" is not.

Sometimes the friendly thing to do is hold the jackets, rather than dragging the assailents away.

...and lying politely is [B]NEVER[B] respectful.