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Thread: gnome-mag please read before installing

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    gnome-mag new deb please read before installing


    ok so I am not the best at making debs. Currently we have a libgnome-mag2 package which carries all of the libs of gnome-mag. Since I don't know how to seperate the two, my .deb installs libs and executable.

    This is the newest magnifier, which updates the screen differently.

    This means you must issue

    sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite gnome-mag_0.13.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb

    Please note! If upgrades are done to gnome-mag and libgnome-mag2 you better be sure that both packages are upgraded, becasue ubuntu's magnifier depends on libgnome-mag2. Do NOT remove this file!!!!

    I personally feel the new way of updating the screen is much better this way, as opposed to the other. Comments? There is a bug in gnome bugzilla where the devs are discussing if you want to add your input.

    If you install PLEASE review my guide for full screen magnification and tell me what you think of the review
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